Interfaith pilot project
Baha'is in Gainesville, FL took a Wilmette Institute course on Climate Change in 2013.  As their act of service they created the Interfaith Climate Group to network with people of other faiths on climate issues.  This is their third year of interfaith workshops and programs.   
Recently, members of the Interfaith Climate Group took a second Wilmette Institute course called Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue.
Sue Blythe is developing the FutureFlash! Climate Challenge, a game with real-world and online actions for a sustainable world.  She has incorporated learning and resources from the Wilmette climate change course, and 
promoted the pilot test of the FutureFlash! Climate Challenge as a project for the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge.  The pilot provides scripture and climate statements supporting Earth Charter principles for a sustainable, just and peaceful future.  Interns from the University of Florida, representing Hindu, Buddhist and Christian faith traditions, will develop and pilot test FutureFlash! activities in at least three places of worship.
Following the interfaith pilot test, we plan to develop classroom activities for World Cultures, taught in sixth-grade classes throughout Florida and most states.  Middle schoolers learn about the role of religion in the story of civilization.  
At this critical moment in Earth's history, the human family is in the process of creating a new world culture.  The FutureFlash! Project provides tools for young people -- and those who care about their future -- to make the change they want to see in the world.
The FutureFlash! Project received the Catalyst Award for systems thinking from the Buckminster Fuller Institute.