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UN International Day of Peace and Peoples Climate March / Gainesville


Fifty supporters of the UN International Day of Peace and the Peoples Climate March carried 30+ flags and posters in a march down NW 34th Street from the YMCA to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.  The service included songs of peace and a talk on peace with people and planet.

Participants carried the flags on a meandering path to the Memory Garden, where they gathered for a reflective ceremony around the peace pole.  During lunch afterward, they connected with the Peoples Climate March in NYC, watching a live stream of interviews with some of the 400,000 people there.  The group shared personal connections to the march itself and to climate issues here in Gainesville.

For more information contact Mary Bahr <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Guest report by Sue Blythe
On June 29, the Interfaith Climate Group celebrated the 14th Anniversary of the Earth Charter at the Quaker Meetinghouse in Gainesville, Florida.
Youth from the FutureFlash! Climate Challenge / Making the Game Club presented the story of the Earth Charter from 1968 to the present. They challenged participants to write the rest of the story, from 2014 to 2050. People made short- and long-term commitments for action, and matched them to the 16 Earth Charter principles for a sustainable, just and peaceful world. These will become part of Illuminating the Earth Charter in the online game. The young people also led Sing for the Climate, joining the 25 participants to the global climate movement.
This was the third gathering of Building Community in a Changing Climate, a series of four workshops hosted by the Interfaith Climate Group:

World Religion Day / January - We shared scripture and climate statements from the world's religions.  Speakers described local activities of national and international climate programs.  Participants created a list of individual actions and organizations.
Earth Day / April - Using the list created at the previous meeting, participants discussed what each is involved in and made commitments for personal action.
Earth Charter Anniversary / June – The Interfaith Climate Group and the FutureFlash! Project will co-host an event on the Earth Charter anniversary each year, completing activities for the FutureFlash! Climate Challenge online game.
UN International Day of Peace / September - The Interfaith Climate Group is collaborating with other religious and community peace organizations, marching on a major road with flags of the United Nations.  We will ask participants to consider how we can create peace with the Earth through our growing network of interfaith partners.
The Interfaith Climate Group also hosts monthly devotional gatherings and occasional special presentations such as Saving Energy with Home Depot.  For more information, contact Sue Blythe, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Free Trees for Earth Day

Larry Schwandes and John Herbert helped reduce CO2 in Gainesville by donating free trees at the Earth Day event.  Thirty three-foot trees went to new homes over the weekend.  Thanks for greening Gainesville, Larry and John!



CLIMATE VICTORY says let's write letters!


What You Can Do RIGHT NOW



"This is about mobilizing humanity. Everything else is a well-intentioned side show."
-Glenn Tamblyn


It's time for action.

You have the power to help bring about the global action that will ensure that our children enjoy the same stable climate that's enabled human civilization to exist. You can do it in an average of only a few minutes a week (less than the time many of us spend watching commercials each week!).

The way to achieve this is to do a simple, two-part action plan: 
1.) Contact our leaders to demand strong action on climate
2.) Spread the word, so that others can do likewise

Following this plan will accomplish far more for saving the climate than a lifetime of buying energy efficient light bulbs or driving a hybrid car. In fact, this might be the most important thing you will ever do.