Spring of Sustainability launches with largest virtual EARTH DAY event ever: Tuesday, April 22

The free 12-hour Earth Day Telesummit is an honoring of the Earth and inspiration for what we can do to establish a new way of living in harmony with nature. 

The day will be a rich, exciting mix of presentations, dialogues, panels, ceremonies, short videos, songs and poetry, and features over 40 experts in different areas of sustainability including the indigenous and youth perspective. The day is framed by the theme ofThe New Story for a Sacred, Living Earth.

Presenters include Bill McKibben, John Robbins, Frances Moore Lappé, Michael Brune, Randy Hayes, Majora Carter, David Korten, John Perkins, Vicki Robin and Rob Hopkins. 

Learn, Explore, Be Inspired, Help Create the New World

Free registration and full event schedule is here: springofsustainability.com.


EARTH DAY 2014 - Building Community in a Changing Climate
Sunday, April 20  - Gainesville Baha'i Center

To honor Earth Day, twenty people from several congregations and organizations took the next step in Building Community in a Changing Climate.  

We looked at the list of climate activities and organizations developed at our January workshop (World Religion Day).  Each person checked off the individual actions that they already do in their daily lives.  And they made personal commitments to begin at least one additional action in the next week, month, year and 10 years.  Small groups consulted on what that meant for each of them.

We made video recordings of who is doing what, how and why.  In the months to come, we can engage people in our congregations in the conversation, using the checklist and reporting results on the Interfaith Climate Group blog and Facebook page.

Young people in the FutureFlash! Climate Challenge will look to our pages for ideas about how their families can connect with the wider community.  We want to provide them a rich resource of ideas in Building Community in a Changing Climate.





Mitigation of Climate Change 2014

UN IPCC Working Group III Fifth Assessment Report


From Interfaith Power and Light


Here are the five top things to know about the report’s recommendations:


1) The world must phase-out of fossil fuels and a shift to clean energy investments. While global emissions are still growing, some modern and innovative economies have already beaten the trend - moving from dirty fossil fuels to renewable energies, proving it can be done

2) Substantial shifts in annual investment flows between 2010 and 2029 are required, i.e. cuts in fossil fuel investments of USD 30 billion per year, while more than doubling the investment in renewables. Delaying mitigation action now implies higher costs of action later, says the IPCC, while the co-benefits of actions taken now can outweigh their costs.

3) Urban areas are expected to triple by 2030. This is directly relevant to climate change as urban areas account for roughly 70% of global energy use and global energy-related CO2 emissions. Since much of this urban infrastructure will be built in the next 20 years, there is massive potential for smart infrastructure choices, combined with low energy codes in new buildings, retrofits of the existing housing stock and more widespread use of already existing technologies and efficiencies.

4) Forests, agriculture, and land use could become a net CO2 sink by 2050. They currently account for about quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, and could become a net CO2 sink due to successful afforestation efforts, reduced deforestation, and better agricultural practices.

5) Energy efficiency offers massive potential and multiple benefits, as well as the need for improved demand side management. Of course it's vital to produce energy in a more sustainable way, but saving energy in the first place and avoiding unnecessary waste is even better.

And the r

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The World’s Largest Online 
Earth Day Celebration
ALL DAY on April 22, 20148:00am – 8:00pm Pacific 
followed by a FREE 9-Week Action Program
An exciting free event bringing together 75+ green pioneers, innovators, activists, scientists, indigenous wisdom-keepers, business leaders, musicians, visionaries and YOU – to joyfully co-create a SUSTAINABLE NEW WORLD.