On June 28 we celebrated the

15th Anniversary of the Earth Charter

Cosponsored by

Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice

 Mary Walch from Florida Gulf Coast University,

an Earth Charter Affiliate, gave examples of how FGCU infuses
principles of sustainability into curricula across departments

and service learning in the community.


Paul Still of the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice
explained the role of the 
Sustainable Living Center in Hampton 
as a demonstration center for 
the Florida Earth Charter Initiative.

Dave Finnigan offered Climate Change Is Elementary
as a way of educating and inspiring action with
students, teachers and families.

Sue Blythe provided an overview of our gift 
for the 15th Anniversary of the Earth Charter -- 

community-wide Earth Charter Initiative
of the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice:


Illuminating the Earth Charter:
Education, Inspiration and Action 
for a Sustainable Future





World Religion Day

- January 18, 3:00 at the Gainesville Garden Club.

The third Sunday in January is annually celebrated as World Religion Day. It was established by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of theUnited States in 1950 as a way to encourage interfaith understanding.

The goal of the Interfaith Climate Group is to create unity for the process of building community in a changing climate. The personal commitment to peaceful relations with people and planet begins deep within each individual, regardless of their faith tradition.

Our topic was Inner Peace: A Path to World Peace. Our speakers included:

  • Alice Primack - Unitarian Universalist 
  • Ken-Liang Huang - Buddhist
  • Aqueela Khuddus - Council on American Islamist Relations
  • Vrinda Shakti - Indic/Vedic 
  • Dorinda Bogardus - Baha'i 
  • Pastor Kathryn McLean - Presbyterian 

Following the presentations, Kathryn McLean facilitated a meditative walk on the World Peace Labyrinth.

This program is part of a statewide initiative for Earth Charter +15. Participants shared their thoughts on Principle 16-F from the Earth Charter:

Recognize that peace is the wholeness created by right relationships with oneself, other persons, other cultures, other life, Earth, and the larger whole of which all are a part.




Interfaith pilot project
Baha'is in Gainesville, FL took a Wilmette Institute course on Climate Change in 2013.  As their act of service they created the Interfaith Climate Group to network with people of other faiths on climate issues.  This is their third year of interfaith workshops and programs.   
Recently, members of the Interfaith Climate Group took a second Wilmette Institute course called Preparing for Interfaith Dialogue.
Sue Blythe is developing the FutureFlash! Climate Challenge, a game with real-world and online actions for a sustainable world.  She has incorporated learning and resources from the Wilmette climate change course, and 
promoted the pilot test of the FutureFlash! Climate Challenge as a project for the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge.  The pilot provides scripture and climate statements supporting Earth Charter principles for a sustainable, just and peaceful future.  Interns from the University of Florida, representing Hindu, Buddhist and Christian faith traditions, will develop and pilot test FutureFlash! activities in at least three places of worship.
Following the interfaith pilot test, we plan to develop classroom activities for World Cultures, taught in sixth-grade classes throughout Florida and most states.  Middle schoolers learn about the role of religion in the story of civilization.  
At this critical moment in Earth's history, the human family is in the process of creating a new world culture.  The FutureFlash! Project provides tools for young people -- and those who care about their future -- to make the change they want to see in the world.
The FutureFlash! Project received the Catalyst Award for systems thinking from the Buckminster Fuller Institute.


Five Ways of Being That Can Change the World
by Joanna Macy
In this article, Joanna Macy invites everyone to be part of the "movement with no name."

In this defining moment, countless choices are being made, habits relinquished, friendships forged, and gateways opened to unforeseen collaborations and capacities.

These shape the stories that deserve to be told – stories of ordinary men, women and youngsters who are making changes in their minds, their lives and their communities, in order to lay the groundwork for this more just and sustainable world. These are the tales that we need to hear, and those who come after us will want them as well. For when future generations look back at this historical moment, they will see, more clearly than we can right now, just how revolutionary it is. They may well call it the time of the Great Turning.

She offers five ways of being -- Earth Charter principles simplified!

1. Come from gratitude

2. Don’t be afraid of the dark

3. Dare to vision

4. Link arms with others

5. Act your age


Read the article